Staple x atonae for ROAR.NY

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Staple x atonae for ROAR.NY

Staple and atonae has partnered to support ROAR.NY (@roar.ny).

All proceeds will go towards ROAR.NY. 

The newly formed Relief Opportunities for All Restaurants (ROAR), created in response to the structural challenges facing independent restaurants during the pandemic, works with Governor Cuomo’s office at the state level, organizing and voicing the collective concerns of independent restaurants in NY.

ROAR has supported independent restaurants and restaurant workers at all levels since its formation in March 2020, from organizing financial support for individual workers to organizing the bipartisan RESTAURANTS ACT, now part of the HEROES ACT. 

100% Cotton
Printed typography by Christopher JH Lee,
STAPLE' and 'ATONAE' in Korean. 
Limited edition of 80.